Whether you're looking to redesign a website, get it mobile ready, or put up your first site, we can help.

Kittay New Media has a track record of providing clients with the kind of websites, mobile apps and related content that they can be proud of. And we do it at reasonable prices and in efficient time frames.

We will design a first class site, provide secure e-commerce ability, tie in databases, make it mobile friendly and search engine optimized. We work with you to learn your business, and then take what we've learned to create the site you want.


Mobile Apps and Optimization

Every day, more of the people who visit your website are coming there from mobile devices. More businesses and organizations are using mobile apps to deliver specialized content to their web visitors. We can build an app for you.

In addition to apps, web visitors want your site to look well on their phones and tablets. Is your site optimized to look its best on these smaller devices? We specialize in making a site display properly no matter what screen it's viewed on. Contact us and learn how we can help you.

Content Services

We also provide content services, such as web video and writing. Whether it's writing and editing the text for your website, or writing articles for print and web publications, we provide what you need and fit within your deadline. Take a look at our portfolio, and then give us a call or send an email.

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