Mobile Optimization

With smart phones and tablets becoming more popular than ever, more people use those devices to visit websites like yours. What they see when they get to your site depends on how you’ve set it up.

image of mobile optimization

Mobile optimization allows the same page to be displayed properly on different devices.

Viewing a regular website on a phone means having to zoom the screen in and out to see the content and navigate to other pages. That quickly becomes frustrating for site visitors, and is a leading cause of people leaving websites and going elsewhere.

When people visit a mobile-optimized site, the content and navigation are formatted to easily see and use. You can easily tap links to other pages, and you don’t need to zoom in and out. Visitors can get the information or products they’re interested in, without having to struggle to get what they came for.

Mobile-optimized sites can also be called “responsive,” as the site “responds” to the device that’s viewing it by showing the proper sized content. People using desktop computers see a larger version of the same site than people using phones or tablets. It’s the same content, just shown differently.

Kittay New Media can build your site with mobile-optimization, so all your website visitors get the best possible viewing experience.